Frequently Asked Questions – Recruitment

Do I have to pay anything to Pledge?

Yes, as do most prospective member programs for any fraternity. What this cost covers is national insurance that insures the prospective members while participating in approved ODPhi related activities, all costs for office material, and in most cases shirts. The average cost for prospective membership is $200, but does vary on the chapter you are rushing.

Does Omega Delta Phi Haze?

ODPhi has a strict no hazing policy. For more information please visit our Anti-Hazing page.

Am I allowed to drink any alcohol while I Pledge?

Absolutely not. ODPhi runs a “dry” Prospective Members process, in which no alcohol, drugs, or any other illegal drugs shall be consumed. Prospective Members must not consume any alcoholic beverages or any illegal substances during the Prospective Member Program. (Any Prospective Member who is found to have violated this rule will be automatically removed from the program.

How much time do I need to commit?

Taking into account of the amount of time you will have to commit to the Prospective Member Program has been compared to taking a 4-hour class load. Remember, within the time frame of Prospective Membership, you will learn about the organization you wish to represent for the rest of your life, grow bonds with individuals you will call brothers someday, and benefit academically, professionally, socially, and athletically.

I have scholarships, will Pledging interfere with that?

The men of Omega Delta Phi realize the importance of academic excellence at the university level. The goal of our fraternity is to graduate each Brother. Mandatory study hours for pledges help instill regular study habits that carry over once they become actives. Our Brothers are also encouraged to attend workshops such as time/stress management, study/test skills, as well as resume writing and interview techniques. Over sixty percent of incoming freshmen will drop out of college before achieving a bachelor’s degree, but ninety-five percent of all Greek members graduate from college. The reason for this difference is that Greeks are involved on campus. We provide the conditions to encounter, ascertain, and receive the countless adeptness needed to take to the path of graduation and beyond. Omega Delta Phi has a great track record of Brothers who have graduated and taken up jobs in their respective fields.

Does Omega Delta Phi do community service?

Omega Delta Phi has a strong, rich tradition of service to our communities. We strive to excel in every field of human endeavor, setting the example and creating new standards for our fellow students. Over the past decade, chapters across the nation have honored and amplified the image of Omega Delta Phi and of their respective universities by making many contributions to our communities and to the uplifting humanity.

Community Service is the light that Omega Delta Phi shines upon the world. Our Brothers understand in the value of help they have received from others, and are committed to doing the same for others. Omega Delta Phi is not a check-writing fraternity, as we believe hands on community service is the best way to make an impact on the community.

We set goals that many say are unachievable and set standards many say are unattainable. We are some of the most involved and productive members in the community, participating and initiating many benchmarking events meant to strengthen the community. Service and Outreach Programs such as our “Young Knights Leadership Academy” have won the attention of various educational institutions, and are highly sought-after in the educational circuit. We also work closely with organizations such as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) to hold large-scale events that bring our communities together and service society as a whole. Along with our nationally recognized programs, individual entities engage in many local charities and projects to the benefit of their communities and the surrounding areas.

We encourage you to visit our sections that provide detailed information about our work with CASA and Young Knights.